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Company Structure and Shareholding

Chemplex is a key player in the national fertilizer industry as it has a 50% shareholding in ZFC and a 36% shareholding in Sable Chemical Industries. ZFC produces NPK compound fertilizers while Sable is the country’s sole manufacturer of ammonium nitrate fertilizer. The Zimbabwe fertilizer industry is highly integrated and the shareholding structure effectively gives Chemplex a controlling influence.

Dorowa Minerals is the only phosphate mine in Zimbabwe. Mining is by opencast method and involves ripping and dozing in soft rock and drilling and blasting in hard rock. The beneficiation plant consists of milling and flotation processes to produce phosphate concentrates which are converted into superphosphates at ZimPhos, a sister company. Ore from the pit is at 6, 5% P2O5 and the concentrates being dried and sent to ZimPhos are at 37% P2O5. The dried concentrates are sent to the railhead at Nyazura some 65km away by road and 190km to ZimPhos by rail.

Zimbabwe Phosphate Industries (ZimPhos) has been in operation since 1928. At its factory in Msasa in Harare, the company produces super phosphates, sulphuric acid, phosphoric acid, aluminium sulphate, silicate solutions, ammonia solutions and packed anhydrous ammonia. The super phosphates and phosphoric acid are manufactured from phosphate rock and sulphuric acid with the phosphate rock coming from Dorowa mine. ZimPhos produces the sulphuric acid in two separate plants with one using imported sulphur and another using local pyrites (iron sulphide) from Iron Duke Mine. Some of the sulphuric acid is sold to the mining sector for minerals extraction as well as to other manufacturing sectors. The bulk of the acid is however used for super phosphates manufacture. These super phosphates are used primarily in the local manufacture of granular NPK compound fertilizers. Gypsum is produced at ZimPhos as a byproduct of phosphoric acid manufacture and is used for agricultural purposes as well as for cement, plaster and ceiling board manufacture. Aluminium sulphate is used extensively as a municipal water treatment chemical within Zimbabwe and regionally.

Chemplex Marketing is a supplier of Industrial, mining chemicals, plastics and metallurgical raw materials. The company markets chemicals locally manufactured at the ZimPhos factory in Msasa as well as imported chemicals sourced internationally through the company’s extensive worldwide network of suppliers. Chemplex Marketing has Warehouses in Harare and Bulawayo which facilitate efficient nationwide distribution of various chemicals. The strong focus on the needs of the customer has been instrumental in developing the Chemplex brand which is well respected in the market. Chemplex Marketing has well qualified staff able to provide technical back-up service and excellent customer service which was developed through an ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Chemplex Agro Pharma (CAPH) is the leading manufacturer in Zimbabwe of cattle dips and other veterinary formulations which are essential in the preventive healthcare of livestock. CAPH also manufactures pesticides to control the tsetse fly as well as mosquito vector control pesticides used in malaria control programs such as Indoor Residual Spraying for vulnerable rural communities. The company also produces household pesticides such as rodenticides, ant killers, fly killers. Another notable pesticide is the grain protectant which is used to preserve grain. All these products are manufactured to international standards with at the purpose built and ISO 9001, 14001 and OSHAS Certified factory at Sunway City Industrial park in Harare East. The company has a fully fledged Research and Development department which has developed, field tested and registered over 30 new formulations over the past 10 years.


GD haulage is the transport and logistics company for the Chemplex group. The company has the capability of moving standard products and specialized cargo as it has various types of trucks and tankers. Transportation services have also been extended to various regional markets including Zambia and Botswana.

G & W is involved in the processing and marketing of a wide range of non metallic industrial minerals which find a variety of uses in the agricultural and manufacturing industries. The minerals processed by the company include a dolomite range of products, magnesite, talc, agricultural mine and calcite. Plans are in place to commission a Kiln and compact hydration plant, for calcining limestone which will enable the company to supply quick lime and hydrated lime to the local and regional markets.

ZFC is involved in the granulation and blending of fertilizers at its Msasa and Aspindale factories in Harare. The raw materials which include Super Phosphates and Ammonium Nitrate are secured from ZimPhos and Sable Chemicals who are associate companies. The compounds manufactured contain a mixture of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium in varying proportions. The ratio at which the N, P, K is made normally matches the nutrient requirements of the crop. The company is also a major supplier of Agro Chemicals which include: herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, fumigants, adjuvants and tobacco de-suckering agents. These Chemicals are manufactured, re-formulated or re-packaged at  ZFC’s crop chemical plant in Kwekwe located at the Sable Chemicals Complex

Allied Insurance was registered as an insurance company in terms of the insurance act chapter (24:07) authorised by the insurance and Pensions Commission (IPEC) to underwrite short term insurance business in Zimbabwe.

Full scale operations commenced in June 2006. Allied’s dedication is to provide insurance products at a price that represents the extent of cover provided, thus establishing successful partnerships that nurture the potential of the various stakeholders and the continuation of the business relationship.

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