Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

We believe in doing business in a sustainable manner and ensuring that our environmental footprint progressively diminishes. Zimbabwe Phosphate Industries (ZimPhos) will engage stakeholders and pursue scientifically proven practices in order to achieve this objective. Our commitment to sustainable development has ensured that we have always taken proactively in managing environmental challenges:


Sustainable Development

We value every drop of fresh water. ZimPhos monitors water usage per tonne product produced and continuously review the water balance to ensure that water usage is reduced and a zero liquid effluent discharge into the environment is achieved

The major air pollutants are Sulphur dioxide, hydrogen fluoride, Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen dioxide and dust. The generation of dust is a significant aspect from the processes to fertilizer. We have thus instituted measures to control air emissions both from an operational and SHEQ management system. A programme to measure community sulphur dioxide impact of the factory is in place with fourteen sampling sites around the plant.

Waste management at ZimPhos is driven by the “Cradle to grave” philosophy. And the principles of minimization at source, separation, reuse, recycle and disposal are used extensively.

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